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Boxing gloves X-Shock TAN

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  • genuine leather
  • sewed on the thumb
  • long lasting




The boxing glove in Retro Desing are made of very high quality and thick leather, ideal for preparation for competition`s, kickboxing and boxing training.

The gloves are very stable and long lasting. The boxing glove is sewn of thick and high quality stitching.

The boxing glove sits comfortably in the wrist and protect it at the same time.

The multi-layer, preformed upholstery of three different foams makes it easier to close the fist.

The wide Velcro closure fixes and stabilizes the wrist. The inside of the wrist is made of natural leather.

The curves of the glove are all made of genuine leather. The logo is not printed on it but stamped, that tempts the Glove its elegance.

In addition, the logo in the glove which prevents possible injuries.

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